Banteay Samre

Banteay Samre is a large and flat temple representing a distinctively Angkor Wat-style artistry and architecture. The temple was restored by anastylosis method from archaeologist. Banteay Samre was built at the same time as Angkor Wat. The style of the balustrades and towers express a strong similarity to the towers of Angkor Wat and Khmer temple of Phimai in present day Thailand. Many of the carvings and bas relief are in good condition.

Banteay Samre is quite a little off the Grand Circuit by the southeast corner of the East Baray. There is a traditional village on the way to the temple. They produce palm sugar, Cambodian white noodle, farming and many other traditional business to support their daily life. Banteay Samre is normally a combination of Banteay Srey excursion on the way back.