Chau Say Tevoda

Chau Say Tevoda is a small sanctuary of comparable outline and floor want to Thom-manon situated over the road (aside from extra gopuras and library). For a considerable length of time it resembled Thommanon's ignored sister, mulling in fundamentally more terrible condition. As of late Chau Say Tevoda has experienced a broad rebuilding venture, which is presently to a great extent entire. 

Chau Say Tevoda appears to remain in association with Thommanon, however in actuality was fabricated significantly later in Suryavarman II's run the show. Chau Say Tevoda shows some first rate carvings that are in still reasonable condition, particularly those on the eastern gopura. Despite the fact that most carvings are Hindu-themed, there are additionally some Buddhist-themed reliefs. The eastern walkway from the sanctuary prompts the Siem Reap River a couple of hundred meters away.