East Mebon

East Mebon is an extensive sanctuary mountain-like destroy, rising three levels and delegated by five towers. Jayavarman IV, a usurper, moved the capital from Angkor to Koh Ker in 928AD. After sixteen years Rajendravarman II restored the funding to Angkor and presently developed East Mebon on an island amidst the now dry Eastern Baray. The sanctuary is committed to Shiva to pay tribute to the ruler's folks. Engravings show that it was likewise worked to help restore the progression of authority at Angkor in light of the intrusion that happened when the seat of intensity had been moved to Koh Ker. There is some academic level headed discussion with reference to whether East Mebon ought to be arranged as a sanctuary mountain. Engravings record movement as ahead of schedule as 947AD, yet the sanctuary was not blessed until 952AD.