Kampong Khleang

Kampong Khleang is arranged around 55 km east of Siem Reap on the northern lake circumscribing zone of Tonle Sap lake. It is further and have less visitors contrasted with Kampong Phluk.

A visit to Kampong Khleang amid the dry season are constantly astounded by the woodland from the blend between the segments of stilted houses ascending to 10 meters noticeable all around. In stormy season, it is the other way around to the blustery season as the columns was overpowered by the water. It make the other different historic point. Kampong Khleang is a lasting network inside the overwhelmed plain of the lake simply like Kampong Phluk.

The economy depends on angling and the woodland biosphere. Kampong Khleang is typically the biggest network on the lake with the tenants of almost 10 times of Kampong Phluk.

The territory might be come to by the sanction watercraft from the Chong Khneas dock and takes around more than two hours or by a blend of street to Domdek collective on National Road 6 which takes one and a half hour reach to dock and afterward meet a boatman gives you a ride another hour to the village, the best strategy depend on the season.

Amid the dry season, water crafts isn't able to get the greater part of the route to the primary villages. You ought to counsel with our visit administrator about current conditions. Numerous travel offices have little involvement around there, our visit administrator is spent significant time here.