Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean is located 50km northeast of Siem Reap and 18km from Banteay Srey. You may need to travel pass a dirt road and takes about 2 hours from the city.

Kbal Spean is the original River of 1000 Lingas. Its riverbed is well carved. It is situated in a foothill jungle. You may need to climb a few kilometers and about 30 minutes to reach this attraction. The best time to visit is from July and December because the other times the water may dry up.

Linga is the symbol of male phallic. There are 1000 of them caved into the rock there featuring several carvings of animals and gods above the small waterfall.

The area was rediscovered by French researcher in 1969.

The access is denied after 3:30pm. Food and drinks are available there as well.