Roluos Group

The Roluos Group implies a social event of four Angkor-period points of interest, which are not arranged inside the essential Angkor Park, but instead just about a neighborhood named Roluos, 12km east of Siem Reap. The points of interest are named Bakong, Preah Ko, Lolei, and Prei Monti.

The importance of these four havens is that they're the last remains of Hariharalaya, which was the second capital of the Angkor-time frame Khmer Empire. The havens were worked by King Jayavarman II, who moved the cash to Roluos from Mahendraparvata. With a people organizing that of current Phnom Penh, Mahendraparvata was the primary Angkor capital. It was arranged on the grades of Phnom Kulen, an uneven wild level soaked with rich history.

The last master who occupied Hariharalaya was Yasovarman I. In 905 CE, he made the important noteworthy asylum structure at Angkor called Phnmon Bakheng and moved the capital there.

Guidelines to Get There

Roluos Group is discovered an insignificant 12 km east of Siem Reap, just off of National Road 6. This is an unclear course from Phnom Penh, thus you should expect overpowering action out on the town. The road is settled and smooth, so cycling is possible, anyway due to the movement, it's endorsed that you sort out a tuk-tuk to take you there and back. This can be set up by your cabin staff or clearly with the evidently a colossal number of sit without moving tuk-tuk drivers that line the roads all through Siem Reap.


Despite the way that the Roluos Group isn't arranged inside the Angkor Archeological Park, an asylum pass is required to visit these points of interest. So make a point to get one as of now from the official ticket office, arranged on Road 60 near the entry to the diversion focus. Haven passes can't be procured at Roluos!

Best Time to Visit

Passing by the Roluos social event can be master in the midst of a half-day visit from Siem Reap. It's best to outline your visit for the morning, and arrange a visit to Phsar Leu Market first. The market is on the way to the havens and is a great and genuine place to visit. Various neighborhood individuals visit this market, the greatest in Siem Reap. No English is talked, and you can immerse yourself in the lines of rough meat, regular item, vegetables, and wide varieties of family stock and distinctive things.

One of our proposed plans is to assemble Phaser Leu Market and the Roluos Group early in the day, and Wat Athvea at Phnom Krom toward the night. Phnom Krom is in like manner a stunning zone to see the dusk.

Roluos Group Temples

Each haven at the Roluos gather has exceptional and charming characteristics:


This is the component of the Roluos Group and is the chief asylum load of its style; it features five levels, with a center zenith, and brags an astonishing stature of 15 meters. It was the state haven at the point of convergence of Hariharalaya. It fallen eventually yet was changed by the French in the region of 1937 and 1945. It also incorporates the brilliant Bakong Pagoda, which is available day and introductions interesting divider artistic creations. The pagoda is in exceptional condition is as yet being utilized.

Preah Ko

With statues of bulls incorporating it, it's no enormous astonishment that this present asylum's name connotes "holy bull". It incorporates consummately shielded carvings and six towers. Inside each zenith is a little, powerful haven.


This asylum is stand-out in that it's an island haven. It's enveloped by a man-made store, which is called Baray in Khmer. The supply, be that as it may, is right now left. The haven features four breaking down towers. This was the last haven that Yasovarman I worked before moving the income to the Angkor region.

Prei Monti

This is the most concealed and scarcest went to asylum of the Roluos gathering. It's a little asylum devastate covered from the rule road, obscured by the town. While it's presently only a gathering of one-story ruins congested by the wild, its absence of definition and covered nature is the thing that makes it worth a visit.