Srah Srang

It was maybe a sanctuary to Kama, God of Love. The spot would suit the temper of the peculiar power, appallingly solid but then frightfully delicate, of that enthusiasm which diverts kingdoms, domains, entire universes, and possesses likewise the humblest dwellings...Love could involve this calm home installed in water...gave the feeling that adoration had come multi day and had left there, when he left, separated of his soul. 

Srah Srang is situated over the street from the east passageway of Banteay Kdei. An enter and leave Srah rang from the street. 

Tip: Srah Srang dependably has water and is encompassed by greenery. As indicated by one French excavator, it offers at the last beams of the very first moment of the most lovely indicates see the Park of Angkor. 

It was worked toward the finish of the twelfth century, by the King Jayavarman VII, dedicated to Buddhist, reproduction to Bayon style of craftsmanship. 

Srah Srang is an extensive lake (700 by 300 meters, 2,297 by 984 feet) with rich landing patio of eminent extent and scale. 

A lofty stage (landing stage) with prompts the lake. It is worked of laterite with sandstone forming. The stage is in the state of a cross with serpent balustrades flanked by two lions. At the front there is a huge Garuda riding a three-headed serpent. At the back there is a legendary animal including a three-headed serpent, the lower bit of a Garuda and an adapted tail embellished with small serpent heads. The body of the serpent lays on a dais bolstered by legendary beasts. See delineate 70.