Terrace of the Elephants

The Terrace of the Elephants is situated in Angkor Thom, once the capital of Khmer Empire. It's around 350 meter long and 2 meter and half tall. It was used as a goliath arrange for the general population functions and filled in as the base for the king's grand crowd corridor. The Terrace of the Elephants is before the Royal Palace territory, by Terrace of Leper King. Most piece of the first structure was made of natural material since vanished. The greater part of the rest of the part are the establishment stages of the complex. The porch is named for the figure and cutting of elephants on its eastern face. 

There are five stairways upward to the patio from the focal part, with a focal stairway to the street region confronting the Victory Gate interfacing the Royal Palace. Two smaller stairways is on both side of the focal stairway and two more are at both end of the porch. The stage of the patio is designed with Naga railings. 

The center segment of the current divider is enhanced with lions and garudas. Garudas are legendary flying creatures which utilized as the vehicle of Vishnu go.It is additionally known for being the furious adversaries of nagas, the seven headed serpents speaking to rainbows. Close by of the garudas are small areas of dividers portraying figures of men with lion heads. The two garudas and lion-headed men are cut with their hands raised over their head level.